“What’s possible for you?”

What’s possible for you?

Why not take a moment, close your eyes, and listen in to yourself?  What do you hear?

I’m guessing there’s a dream… And a dialogue.  The dialogue goes something like this:

“I really want it.”

“Yes, but what makes you so special?  What makes you special enough to deserve it?”

That’s the bare bones of an unworthiness script.  Most people have one.  Mostly, they’re not as simple and elegant as that one.

The average Unworthiness Script is repetitive, badly written, and badly researched.   But you know what?

Most people believe that repetitive, badly written, badly researched Unworthiness Script for years, and years…. And years.

How sad is that?

The fun of doing what I do, and being in the Wonderful Life Business, is that I get to help people to change their script; and change their results.  Like my wonderful client O.

O. didn’t know she was wonderful, at all.  As she saw it, she was nothing special.

O. didn’t know it, but she was violating Annie’s first rule:

#1 You can’t be on this Earth without being really special.

Now, you have a couple of choices at this point:

a)      You can carry on fighting yourself about whether or not you are special – but there’s a problem with doing that.  When you fight yourself, someone has to love.  Either way, that someone can only be you.

b)       You can take a risk.  You can say to yourself: maybe I don’t quite believe it, yet.  I don’t know how to do it.  But I’m up for it.  I’m prepared to own my own specialness.  I’m actually prepared to make my specialness about me.”

Is that a big step?

Maybe.  But you know what?  When you take it, when you fully own what’s special and unique about you, extraordinary things start happening.  Just like they have for O.  O. has gone, in a matter of months, from having a very conflicted relationship with her family to being the happiest she’s ever been, around them.   DHe’s gone from having an unsatisfying job, where she was underpaid, to a great new one – where she is already letting the boss know how good she is.  That’s been a first for her.  (He believes it 100%.)  She’s gone from collecting horrible men to finding a wonderful, supportive partner who adores her – and rightly so.  And last, but not least, O hs not only discovered her entrepreneurial streak, she’s setting up a brand new business that a potential business partner is already biting her hand off for. 

That’s massive transformation.

It all came about because O. was prepared to won her own specialness.  She was prepared to own what she is – as opposed to fighting what she isn’t.

That’s opened the way to so many possibilities, in short order.

How about you?  When, now, will you JDI, and open the door to your infinite possibilities?

If you’re still hesitating, don’t.   “Business Success for Heart-Centred, Healers, Therapists, and Best Kept Secrets”  will show you how you can, too, can reap the rewards you deserve in 2014.

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