Top 10 Ways To Know You’re NOT Living In Your Inner Wisdom

You’re a savvy woman.  You’re spiritual, intelligent, caring, and bright.  You can see where you want to be.  But you’re not there, yet.  How do you know you’re not there yet? 

  1. You don’t really feel good enough.  When you ‘kind of do’ and ‘kind of don’t’ what that really means is that you have moments of enlightenment, but a lot of the time you feel heavy-hearted, and weighed down by Life – your life.
  2. You worry a lot.  What is the point of worrying?  You’d be better eating chocolate.    At least that tastes nice.  Worrying serves no useful purpose. It will take you no closer to where you want to be no matter how much you do it.
  3. You doubt yourself.  You can doubt yourself, or you can live in the certainty of your inner wisdom.  But you can’t do both.  Doubting yourself  means that you are focusing on what you fear you might not be.  When you’re in your inner wisdom, you know that you will always be enough.
  4. You’re fearful.  You don’t feel as if you are living in the safe, supportive world that you’d like.  It doesn’t feel safe to be you.  That’s understandable since you are actually not living your life as the powerful  person you truly are. 
  5. You revisit past disappointments.  In fact, you do it so well that they feel like present disappointments.  There is no wisdom in doing that.  Wisdom lies in taking the useful learnings from all your experiences and integrating them into the way you do Life.   And forgiving yourself for whatever you did that didn’t work.
  6. 6.       You’re dissatisfied and frustrated with your lot.  That voice telling you that you can do, have, and be more is absolutely right.  That’s your inner wisdom.  So, why are you letting the negative voice of your inner snit [no typo] drown it out?  Find one good reason for being self-critical – if you can.  I’ll be waiting to hear it.
  7. 7.       You ‘settle’.  Not for what you truly want, but what you think you can have.  
  8. 8.       You don’t really dare to dream.  It’s that Kinda-Kinda thing again.  You kind of have some big dreams, and you kind of don’t really believe that you can turn them into reality.
  9. 9.       You’re still hiding your light under that bushel.  You’re not telling the world what you have to offer.  Instead, you’re locked in some kind of “Do I-Don’t I Dare to Put Myself Out There?” dialogue, inside your own head.  The negative part says “No”, and t the positive part says “Yes”.  But the negative part is making more noise.  So, you assume it must be right… and you must be wrong.
  10. You’re not laughing enough.  Truly.  The more serious, earnest, or conflicted you feel, the further away you are from your inner wisdom.  Since your inner wisdom comes from your higher self, it doesn’t need you to agonise over it, or check it out.  Left to its own devices it would just flow.  And it would flow happily.   Your inner wisdom feeds on all that is good and joyful – even in tough situations.

If that sounds like you, do NOT worry.  Your inner wisdom is not about what you know.  It’s not about intellectual awareness.  It’s about shedding all the negative stuff so that you can get back to the source of happiness and spontaneity.   All that you have to do to get back to your inner wisdom is just ditch the negative beliefs.

Your negative beliefs will tell you that’s a big thing to do (because they like to feel important) but it really doesn’t have to be.

As Tinkerbell might have said: “Every time you have a good laugh about it,  a negative belief curls up and starts to die, because it knows you don’t believe in it.” 

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