Have you come across the kind of people who sigh and say: “Life’s hard!”  Maybe you were brought up around someone like that, someone who kept their own small, dark, portable cloud with them most of the time.  These people are always thoughtful enough to hold it over your head, too, to protect you from the sun, lest its rays burn you. What effect do the Dark Clouders have on you? Do they pull you down?  Annoy you?  Make you wish you were somewhere else?  Make you doubt yourself because doom and gloom is the way things really are? There’s no denying it: Life is hard – for the Life-Is-Hard  Brigade. For those who resolutely refuse to join the Life-Is-Hard Brigade, it’s simply the case that tough things happen, sometimes. One of the things my lovely partner and I share is a talent for moving heavy objects.  It’s not that we’re physically strong; quite the reverse, actually.  We’re both a tad on the small and delicately built side. So, when faced with heavy objects, the shoulder-to-the-plough and apply-brute-force technique is not an option.  The idea of ending up with a hernia, curiously, does not appeal.  Instead, individually and collectively, we both take a step back, and ask ourselves: “How do I do this the easy way?  What won’t work for me, and what will?” Doing things the easy way may take a little bit of figuring out.  Often it’s a question of rummaging around in your mental resources toolkit, until you find something that can be tweaked, or tailored, so that it applies perfectly to the situation – or object – in hand.   It may take a little trial and error.  But that’s okay, too. Your remit is simply to complete the task in hand successfully. Sometimes that means finding the smart way of doing it yourself.  At other times, it means enlisting the appropriate help for the task. The point is, when you bear in mind that there is always an easy way to do whatever it is that needs doing, you’re already ahead of the game. Why? Because once you have that belief, you enlist your unconscious mind to work on your behalf – which means your unconscious mindwill always find a way, or two,… or even three. The Life-Is-Hard Brigade only ever see one way to do things: the Blood, Sweat, Toil and Misery Way.  If they’re happy with that, so to speak, you should be happy for them. But that’s no reason to emulate them. There is always an easy way – and when you apply that easy way, it frees up so much more energy and ability for what you really want to do. So, in future, when you’re faced with a challenge, let it exercise your mind.   Let it get you asking yourself: “where’s the easy way?” Because there always is one. Isn’t that your preferred way?
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