Stay Calm, You’re Worth It!

Have you ever noticed how quickly your fight-flight-or-freeze reflex is triggered? Something – or a couple of things, or three – come out of the blue and, because they represent a challenge to you, you respond by going into overdrive.  Fight, flight, or freeze.  In the blink of an eye, “It” – whatever “It” is - can turn into a survival issue

It's been one of those weeks at Kaszina Towers (actually, one of several); a week fraught with drama. There really has been a lot going on with an on-off house move, an elderly parent in and out of hospital, a very sick dog (now, happily restored to rude health) and much more besides.


My fight-flight-or-freeze reflex is easily triggered. Having been brought up in an environment that was always on High Drama Alert, I can slip into Drama Queen mode at the drop of a hat. This week, there's been an avalanche of hats. I could have had a field day with them, all.

In the event, I couldn’t be bothered. 

It would have taken up too much energy for no useful purpose.

The problems all had/have to be dealt with.

Doing my best Drama Queen routine wouldn't help.  Just because I can, it doesn’t mean I should. Ranting and raving to the best of my ability, might drown out the actual problem, in the short-term.  It might even end up impressing an audience – provided they were securely tied into their seats before I got underway.  (Otherwise, they might just vote with their feet.) 

Still, at the end of the rant, the problem(s) will still be sitting there waiting to be dealt with.

Drama-queening does not magically conjure up a rescuer - or a reprieve - out of thin air. It doesn’t terrorize problems into submission – more’s the pity.  It just leaves you feeling worn out.

So, I got on with it.

Calm and self-care have to be the way to go.

When you have to square up to difficulties, it makes sense to be as fit as possible to deal with them.

Normally, a raft of measures works best to keep you fit to face afflictions. Taking care of yourself, and actually employing the therapies and modalities that you know work for you are good ideas. Being kind to yourself works, too.  That doesn’t mean shoes, handbags, or even gym visits.  It means showing yourself the kind of care and compassion you'd show another person whose friendship you value.  You know it’s the best way to go with them.  So, why would you do anything less for yourself?

Finally, how about taking a leaf of Elizabeth Gilbert's book – she of “Eat, Pray, Love”?

When times are tough, why would you not eat what nurtures you, pray to whoever – or whatever – you believe in, and keep your heart as open to love as possible?

Stay calm, you're worth it. And be sure to do the things that will keep you calm, and functioning as well as possible.


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