Out of the thousands of speakers on women’s relationship happiness, there’s only one with the experience, vision, warmth, and passion of Annie Kaszina. Leading the way for women who want to step into highest and best selves, her mission and message resonate powerfully with women throughout the English-speaking world.

Annie truly does ‘walk her talk’. She has transformed her own life from living in the shadow of a dominant partner to a life of happiness, opportunity, and fulfilment. Her clients are the women who are ready to transcend self-sabotage, so they can enjoy the happiness, and self-expression they seek, and make their unique contribution.

Through her transformational presentations, Annie draws on her personal experiences, and expertise, to share with audiences the key elements of her vision of relationship happiness. An exceptional coach, and gifted communicator, Annie brings tremendous passion, insight, and practical good sense to her presentations. Over the years, as a speaker and coach she has shared a powerful message with thousands of women worldwide.

Annie’s Presentations Share Valuable Insights and Techniques that Inspire an Audience to Take Action 

In every talk, Annie uses her expertise to engage an audience emotionally, and walk them through the simple steps that will empower them to review their behaviours, upgrade their strategies, and transform their relationships.

Sample Speaking Topics

"The 3 Big Mistakes Women Make When It Comes To Happiness"

"How to Create Better Relationships Starting Now"

"The 4 Big Mistakes Women Make When It Comes To Promoting Themselves"

What the Audience Says

"Many thanks for the wonderful work you do.  You really are making a difference."  Leonia

"Thank you for such a good workshop.  I've had several more breakthroughs since." Gina

"After your talk, I went home and immediately started to make BIG changes." Bernadette

"After your talk, I found a totally new way to deal with a problem that had made me so miserable I'd been thinking about leaving my job."  Linda

"That was quite inspirational." Karen

"Since listening to you, I've finally started sorting things out, like putting some boundaries in place, and asking for the help I need." Jane

"I can't thank you enough. What you said really resonated with me.  It's helped me to take charge of my life again." Faye

"I suddenly realize where I've been going wrong." Pamela

"I love the way Annie Kaszina delivers her information. She does so in a way that is enthusiastic but non-judgmental. I can honestly say that I feel I learned much from her insightful and honest approach to how I can remove the obstacles to my happiness." Daleen

"Annie is a delightful and energetic speaker." Karen