How do you know when you’re ready? Ready for what? You might well ask. Ready to take your life to the next level.  Ready to step up to the plate and do the thing(s) you tell yourself you really want to do. Isn’t it enough that you’re just telling yourself that you really want to do something? Not entirely.  See, the thing is, you can’t just cherry-pick the best 5%, 10%, or even 15% of your internal dialogue.  It’s great that you tell yourself about the MORE that you want in your life – whatever that More may be. But then what? What happens? For a lot of people, your internal critic(s) (otherwise known as your IBSC – your Itty Bitty S**tty Committee) kick in and… What do they do? They start waving red flags, and shrieking “Danger! Danger!”  They tell you that because of some deep-seated flaw in you, other people may be able to do whatever it is, but it’s going to be a lot harder for you… Or even impossible for you.  They envelop your world in a thick cloud of Doom and Gloom.  (They are the folks from Doom & Gloom ‘R Us, after all.) And you believe them. They’ve always told you that they have your best interest at heart, and your best interest lies in keeping a low profile. A seriously low profile. So low that you don’t even dare to put yourself at the centre of your own world. Because if you did… What?? What is the worst that could happen? Sure, Doom & Gloom ‘R Us are failed apocalypse scriptwriters.  They failed because they weren’t good enough to get a paying job doing what they do. So, what’s the point in listening to them? When did they last talk to you about the good things that could happen to you?  When did they last paint, in glowing colours, the new scenarios you could step into where you found yourself on a positive spiral?  A spiral of things getting better, and better? “Bah! Humbug!!!”  Doom & Gloom ‘R Us are probably screeching right now. They’re doing that for a reason: when you step up to the plate, they’ll be out of a job and unemployable. Hey ho! So, when are you ready? You’re ready when you finally turn to Doom & Gloom ‘R Us and lay it on the line with them.  They may still be screeching.  But you’re not listening.  Instead, you’re focusing on an internal conviction that you really can do, be and have that thing – whatever that thing may be for you. Doom & Gloom ‘R Us may be asking: “Who are you to…?” You can hear them.  But you’re NOT paying attention to them.  You’re excited and inspired enough by that thing that you want in your life to walk forward, leaving that chorus of caterwauling behind you. Things change when you take charge of your situation, instead of letting Doom & Gloom ‘R Us run the show. All being ready is really about is this: just saying: “I’m the one in charge here, and I commit to believing in my own core wisdom and ability.”    
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