How Do You Do Life?

How do you do it? Life, that is?

Are you a barnstormer, or a softly-softly person? Are you a driver, or a passenger? Do you choose, or are you chosen?

Before we go any further, I've two related confessions to make:

  1. There’s been silence from me over the past couple of months because I've been slaving away frantically on my book (“Do You Choose Your Dog More Carefully Than Your Husband?”)  Over the last three months, I’ve written some 160,000 words. (That's nearly 25% more than my PH.D in a fraction of the time.
  2. I was programmed to be a passenger in my life: there was always something driving that bus – just not me.

Can you see how those confessions are related?

Not because I'm asking you to understand me, but because they might relate either to you, or someone you love. I have a natural talent for letting 'Things', or Projects, or People take over my life. Not good.

It's hard work being a passenger in your own life. Although the reason why we do it is because we think it has to be easier than sitting in the driver's seat and taking the flak.

That's not actually the way it works, is it?

Where flak is concerned, what really counts is NOT whether you're sitting in the driving seat or the passenger seat, it's the environment inside the vehicle.

What makes it a less than ideal environment?

The flak that is flying around.

That flak could be coming from another person or from you.

I'm always amazed what a bad time most women give themselves. (There speaks the voice of experience:-)

There are so many lovely, bright, heart-centred women out there who are on a constant journey of self-improvement. Heaven knows, they don't even need much improvement. But they are constantly improving themselves, learning more and thinking deeply...

And still giving themselves a hard time.

Still reminding themselves of what - about them – is not good enough, and deserving enough, in one way or another.

And still being passengers in their own life.


Because you can't be the driver when you're still waiting for someone to tell you – or show you – that you are good enough to...

Well, to be you, in the end...

It just doesn't make sense.

You see, you are already you.

Just not fully you.

You could be the seed of you, or the tender shoot of you...

But you're not the full grown tree of you, with roots reaching right down into the earth, and branches reaching up to the sky.

Why not?

I could ask you what are you waiting for... but I'm not sure it's the best question.

Why are you waiting?

Waiting can easily become a life strategy.

Not a good one but, still, a life strategy. One of those “busy-work” strategies. Just like self-sabotage.

Self-sabotage is a hideous life-strategy. But Heaven knows it keeps people busy.

The good news is that you never signed a lifetime contract to keep doing what you've always done. You can change it at any time. So, if you were playing Being A Passenger In Your Own Life, you're always free to change that strategy, and that contract.

How do you want to do your life?

If you could take just one small step today to start the ball rolling, what step will that be? 

Why not take one teeny step, and drop me a word to let me know what that step will be?




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  1. cath
    cath says:

    Hi Annie how true life is one big weight on women who as falling out of relationship. I feel I’ve held back long enough and now am looking for my sole mate. May our Lord be with me


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