Do You Worry About This, Too?

This week, I've been talking with another lovely, gifted woman who has Dreams, Aspirations, and one Big Obstacle in her way. 

You'll never guess that what obstacle is: 

ican'tsmallOkay, so maybe you will:-)  After all, it might just be something you - occasionally - worry about, too.

She doesn't think she is good enough. 

Actually, it's a bit worse than that. She routinely compares herself to other people, finds herself less worthy and deserving, and she's let this belief become her map of the world. The result is that: 

a) this belief feels absolutely true and normal to her

b) she is labouring under the illusion that everyone else feels the same way as she does 

At one point in our conversation she asked me: “Aren't you stymied by the belief that other people are better than you?” 

Here's how I replied. “Absolutely NOT. I'm truly delighted that there are great people out there. The more of them therecomparethemarketiismall are, the better. They do not in any way diminish me. Life shouldn't have to be a comparison website. There are as many ways to be great as there are individuals. Your job is simply to embrace your own way. Being who you truly are is the greatest gift you have to offer. The more you embrace your authenticity, the more you have to contribute to the World. 

Why would you not do it? Why would you settle for living your life as a negative comparison website?” 

I don't know if you know that old Mark Victor Hansen saying: 

There is an ocean of abundance and one can tap into it with a teaspoon, a bucket or a tractor trailer. The ocean doesn't care.” 

There is more than enough greatness to go round, for everyone. There's only thing that truly gets in the way of you tapping into the the feeling of being good enough to enjoy masive rewards. That one thing is embracing your authenticity. 

Being a pale imitation of other people won't work. 

Being the shadow of who you truly are is even less effective. 

tractor trailersmallShowing up as the authentic You is what gives you the licence to mosey on down to the ocean with a tractor trailer, or a whole fleet of the blessed things - should you so desire.  

Will you do it?






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  1. Julie
    Julie says:

    Yes, Annie, you are entirely correct. I have never compared myself to anyone else, apart from Sarah Brightman who I bore a strong resemblence to physically when I was younger, as am sure your readers will have a star they resemble. It does annoy me so when people “friends” mostly women criticse me for the darkness of my middle aged hair tint, my generosity, my untidiness, my lack of this that and the other and sometimes the sentiments come in waves so I think, are they right – and I begin to doubt myself. Then I take hold as I know that self doubt and unworthiness comes in cycles. Having met you I can vouch that you are beautiful, entertaining, intelligent and a marvelous example to women of how to recognise their need to be themselves despite all those who surround them who wish to bring them down for their own ego trips. It may be hard work to keep our identities unique especially with all the advertising negativity and subliminal messages indoctrinated through the media and subsequent self help info to combat the extreme effects of psychological and fiscal damage of said advertising out there. I have never found a female friend who totally understands me and why…becasue there isn’t one, each time a woman is created the mold is broken, I said mold not mould. Helping us to be our own best friend is what you have come on earth to do. Thank you with all my heart and for making me laugh out loud at my own silly misery, I feel much better now.

    • annie
      annie says:

      Dear Julie,

      Thank you for putting a smile on my face:-) and for your kind words about me.

      Truly, warmth, connection and laughter are the best medicine.

      Warm wishes,


  2. Jo Jerodene
    Jo Jerodene says:

    Hi Annie,
    Thanks for the inspiration and for helping me through a tough week. Self worth and authenticity are all topics I cover in my Wholly Grail work and I’ve been busy embracing the principles to face some challenges over the last few months. Your emails help keep me focused when I’m losing it so Big Thanks and Big Love.

    Jo x
    Ps hope to see you at the Monastery X

    • annie
      annie says:

      Hi Jo,

      Don’t you just love the time when you are doing the work to reach the next level of understanding and wholeness, and it feels like you’re pushing a flipping boulder up the side of a hill… Grrr!!

      The good bit about the challenges we face is that we never do it just for ourselves, do we? We do it to share the fruits of what we’ve learned with other people.

      Would be nice to see you at the Monastery.

      Warm wishes,

      Annie x

  3. lyn
    lyn says:

    I totally agree with Annie. Being unique is a celebration of who we really are enjoying seeing things from our own true perspective helps us create the life we wish to live. I like to share with others and see their different points of view, this helps me open up my world and mind and helps me grow in knowledge and understanding of how I can improve my life. I believe we are all the same with different experiences that we can share.
    Lyn x


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