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Are You Long-sighted?

Are you long-sighted?  As someone so pitifully short-sighted I can’t even hold a conversation on the phone without my ‘eyes’ in, I always thought long-sighted people had the better end of things… Until I realized that – just like many, many other women – I used to do relationships the long-sighted way.  What do I […]

Have You Ever Wanted To Give Up On Men?

Have you ever said, “I don’t want a relationship? I’m through with men?”  If you have, I’d like to congratulate you. It could be the most sensible decision you ever make… Provided you go about it the right way.  It all depends what you tell yourself, of course. If you tell yourself a story of […]

“Do You Do This, Too?”

Lots of women have a special way of being – that is behaving – in relationships. Do you?  It’s like they suddenly revert back to an earlier version of themselves.  It’s an anxiety thing.  It’s as though everything they’ve learned, all the wisdom and expertise they’ve acquired over the years, doesn’t exist. As though they […]

What Makes A Relationship Magical For You?

What makes something magical for you? What has to be there? And what is not there? One of the most magical experiences I ever had happened some twenty years ago. I was married at the time, but I had no idea that relationships could be magical. In fact, I still subscribed to Father’s notion that, […]


Just for today, let’s take a look at constancy. Constancy, it seems to me, is a grossly underrated virtue, and one that can bring a LOT of happiness to your life.  Isn’t it funny how our parents shape our expectations when it comes to relationships. My father was one of those half-empty glass people. His […]

“Wouldn’t it be nice…?”

Wouldn’t it be nice if every little girl was born with a magic wand in her pudgy little fist? And she could use that magic wand to perfect the people in her life who are nearly the people she knows they could be? Needless to say, when she grew up, she’d use that wand endlessly […]

The Truth About “Simple”

Have you ever got a little peeved with yourself?  Have you ever looked at yourself, and launched into that old “Should-ing” refrain, as in “I should know better…”, “I shouldn’t be doing X, Y, or Z”, “By now, I should…”  It’s not as if you don’t know.  It’s just that there’s a piece missing, that […]

You know you’re too nice when

How do you know when you’re too nice for your own good?   Well, you get that sneaking, sinking feeling of course – you probably know the one.   But there are lots of other pointers, and these are what we’ll be looking at in today’s e-zine.  You Know You’re Too Nice When…  People have stopped sincerely […]

Your dream

Are you a fan of the Law of Attraction?  Do you have a dream that inspires you?  This week I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what makes the Law of Attraction work the way you want it to work.  Most of us have a dream, right?  But what takes it from the ‘Dream […]

It’s All About The Way You Do It

 How do you do the things that you do?  See, it’s all about the way you do things.  That’s really important. Have you spared a thought for how often you did nice, over the past week? Last week, at Gorton, I met up with a lovely lady I’d seen at an event a couple of […]

What Gets In The Way Of Your Success and Happiness?

Is there something that could be getting in the way of your success and happiness?  For a lot of women, there is something  that’s blocking them  from achieving what they want for themselves – and we’re not talking about the so-called ‘glass ceiling’, It’s more like the ‘glass wall’. If you’ve ever had the experience […]

How to Take Stock and Be Happy

Have you had a Happy Easter?  No, honestly, had you had a Happy Easter?  Has it been a time of savouring good moments, or has it been more of the same old same old?  The weather hasn’t exactly been on our side, this year, has it?  Winter has all but hijacked Spring – for the […]

Why Do Women Work So Hard At Relationships

Why is it that we women work so hard at relationships? What have we learnt – and what are we telling ourselves – that makes us work so hard? Let’s look at the 3 key features that condition women to become relationship workaholics (aka relationship fairies). Factor #1  Programming Unless you’ve been living on the moon, […]