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Are you the best kept secret?

Have you ever had the thrill of discovering a ‘little” restaurant, or tea-room? Have you ever discovered a ‘little’ service like a dress-maker, or alteration hand, or even – in my case – the wonderful computer repair guy who’s kept me sane…ish for the past 5 years. It’s funny how often we used the word […]

What are you not seeing?

Have you ever had that feeling: “I’ve tried everything I know, and I still can’t get it work?” That’s what seems to happen at times. especially in relationships, doesn’t it? We try, and keep on trying, everything we know. And we keep on getting the same – dispiriting – results. Back in the last millennium, […]

Do you have this ‘small issue’?

Today, one of my lovely clients said she wanted to work on something that was just “a small issue”. That took me back to my very steps in the world of counselling and personal development.    I  volunteered with the Alcohol Advisory Service.  (As someone who had never touched a drop, and came from a family […]

How do you deal with challenges

Years and years ago, I tried to read Norman Mailer’s “The Naked and The Dead” – without too much success. Blood, gore, and the Second World War don’t really do it for me. But Mailer’s GIs had a mantra that I still remember: “Keep a tight a**hole”!  If you’re going into a bloody, physical battle, […]

“It’s About Nice People”

It happened years and years ago: my first Alexander teacher said something that turned my thinking on its head; she said: “This work is about nice people getting nicer.” Those words really spoke to me. Can you guess why? If you’re thinking that I belonged to the ranks of those people – largely women – […]

Are You Curious, Too?

What makes you sit through talent shows?  For me, it’s curiosity. No doubt about it. I’m curious. Are you curious, too? These days, I am at least as curious about the contestants’– and judges’– mind-sets, as I am about their abilities. I’m curious about what it is that gets in the way of people living […]

Do You Worry About This, Too?

This week, I’ve been talking with another lovely, gifted woman who has Dreams, Aspirations, and one Big Obstacle in her way.  You’ll never guess that what obstacle is:  Okay, so maybe you will:-)  After all, it might just be something you – occasionally – worry about, too. She doesn’t think she is good enough.  Actually, it’s […]

Can People Really Change?

A question I hear all the time is:  “Can people change?”  Theoretically, the asker is appealing to my professional wisdom for the answer to the burning question they cannot answer for themselves.  In reality, something quite different is going on, and they are asking The Hopium Addiction Question.  Needless to say, the Hopium Addiction Question […]

Ten Quick Tips for Great Relationships

 My elderly mother belonged to the generation who learned to drive by getting in a car and… well, ‘driving’.   Her first attempts were pretty hair-raising.  But, gradually, she learned to crash less, and maintain better control of the car.  Too many of us women do relationships in much the same way.  So, here are […]

“Sometimes, it’s hard to be…”

As I often mock complain to my lovely partner: “Sometimes, it’s hard to be a woman. You can’t argue with Tammi Wnyette.” (He’s wise enough to simply nod in agreement.)  “Giving all your love to just one man” can be hard work – if he’s one of those tiresome men who:either don’t deserve it, or […]

Are You Working Too Hard?

Are you be working too hard?  Especially at your relationships? Did last week’s post about your job description trigger any thoughts about overworking?  Most women overwork at their relationships. Of course, there are some notable exceptions: you can probably think of a few. But, in the main, overworking is what we’re programmed to do.  Our […]

Are You Clear About Your REAL Job Description?

What’s your job?  I don’t mean your job as in the world of work, I mean your job, in terms of your relationship. More specifically, what’s your Job Description.  Now, I know you probably don’t have a formal, written one. Sure, you could argue that ‘wife” – or, for that matter, ‘husband’ – is a […]

Who Are You Appreciating?

If you had to name the one thing that keeps relationships running smoothly, what would it be?  Love never goes amiss, certainly. But you don’t have to knock around the planet for a whole lot of years to know that not everyone means the same thing by ‘love’; and some people’s idea of love is […]

What Does It Mean?

You know that old expression: “If Life gives you lemons, make lemonade”?  As I sit here sweltering in our extraordinary UK heatwave, the metaphorical dimension of that saying almost fades away. The thought of – iced – lemonade has its attractions…  But let’s stick with the metaphorical meaning for a moment: if Life gives you […]