Working in the personal development world as I do, almost everybody you meet has a big vision for their life and their future – which is great.  We’re here – among other things – on a journey to self-actualization.  So, why wouldn’t we have a big vision? Where it gets interesting is when you start to look at the time-frame. Most everybody will tell you they want it NOW.  Or yesterday. Again, that’s perfectly reasonable.  Why wouldn’t you want the best for yourself right NOW? But this is where it gets interesting.  Wanting It –whatever It might be – in the privacy of your own room and your own head doesn’t get you very far. I was going to say, “You aren’t sending out a clear message to The Universe, the people around you, or even yourself…"  But actually you are. That’s sending a clear message, alright. Just not the message you had in mind. Wanting is always better than not wanting.  But wanting without implementing is a bit like willing the bus to come – without even going and standing at the bus-stop.  The bus may well come to that bus-stop but, if you’re still sitting in your armchair in your own home, unless it’s a mind-reader (which buses, generally, are NOT) it will leave without you. The bus will do what the bus is scheduled to do, blithely unconcerned whether you hop on it, or not. Last week, I had the pleasure of spending a day with a wonderful VIP client – who’s just starting to realize how wonderful she is.  She’s wanted to be on that bus for a long time; even though she didn’t believe the bus ran anywhere near her home or that she had a pass to get on said bus. She was as knowledgeable as anyone else about what she couldn’t do – and be, and have. And she didn’t find that very interesting, or inspiring.  When she turned her focus to thinking about how it would be to be, do and have the things that she had believed were out of her reach something amazing happened. First she pulled the curtains back on the glass walls. Then, rather quickly, she found her way through to the other side.  In a very short time, the quality of her relationships with other people changed dramatically.  It was almost as if she went from being emotionally invisible to being highly visible in their lives.  Other people started to acknowledge her and show more consideration than they had ever felt they needed to do, before. That required some implementation on her part, sure enough.  It meant taking some action to show the world – and herself – that she really was ready. It meant getting out of her comfort zone. But staying stuck actually requires a LOT of implementation: it requires a LOT of treading water.  As for the ‘comfort zone’, that’s a real misnomer.  There is nowhere less comfortable than your ‘comfort zone’. I’ve always kept small dogs.  First time round, when my small dog was a tiny puppy, I bought him a tiny basket.  The bigger that tiny puppy got the more he had to coil himself up to get every bit of his petite person into that basket. Dogs, I’m told, quite like that. But then dogs aren’t on a lifelong journey of personal development.  They’re just here to have fun, and give (and turn their doting owners into idiots). Human beings do themselves no good at all when they coil themselves into a life experience that is too small for them. Life begins outside the proverbial comfort zone. The truth is, you’re really ready when you let go of the comfort zone, fix your gaze firmly on the thing you tell yourself you want, and keep stepping towards it. The Universe needs a series of messages from you before it kicks into consistent action.  Simple as that. What messages are you sending?
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