The Voice of Relationship Happiness For Women

International speaker, coach, and writer Annie Kaszina (The Bright Future Coach) is fast becoming the voice of relationship happiness for women. In the past two years alone her inspirational programs have reached thousands of women, throughout the world, teaching them her proven system for putting themselves back at the center of their own world, so they can have great relationships, receive as much as they give, and finally enjoy the happiness they seek.

Annie specializes in helping emotional abuse survivors reclaim their life and their dreams. It was the simple need for vast change in her intimate relationships fast that led Annie to create her phenomenal “Secrets of Successful Relationships” program for lasting relationship success.

Believing that too little practical, systematic information about creating good relationships was readily available, led Annie to develop her own quick and easy-to-follow techniques for people who are tired of guesswork, and relationships that only get worse over time.

Everything changed for Annie, once she stopped trying to fix a bad relationship. She started working on what she loved doing, found her true love, healed rifts from the past, and discovered she could reach out and help thousands of other women who were struggling, singlehanded, to make bad relationships good.

“I’m always touched, and humbled, when I hear how women have turned their lives around, even when they believed they couldn’t, using my programs.”

Featured in major leading publications like ‘Cosmopolitan”, ‘Red’, ‘Psychologies’, ‘OK’, ‘The Daily Mail, and ‘The Mail on Sunday’, as well as BBC radio, Annie teaches happiness, self-worth, and her unique, foolproof, step-by-step method to reverse-engineer great relationships.


“I was a bit skeptical about the VIP Day. I wondered: “What will this do for me?” And I was surprised how tired I was after it. What I now find I have as a result of it is, the ability to cope with what life throws at me. I couldn’t do that before and now I can. It’s been a massive improvement as I have a life that’s full of ups and downs.”

Sue Wadsworth

“Having just completed the VIP experience with Annie, I feel like a great weight has been lifted from my shoulders. It has been an incredible experience – almost a ‘white knuckle rid’ – with thrills and spills along the way, but, my, the ride was well worth it. I now feel invigorated, and ready to begin the next chapter of my life. Bring it on!”

Debs Steer

“The day with Annie was wonderful. I arrived feeling very lost and not sure what to do in my closest relationship. I’m leaving the VIP DAY feeling I have let go of my fears, and old patterns, and I’m looking forward to reconnecting with my partner, and having a very bright future together. Thank you so much, Annie.”

Susan H

“Its been a very wise investment for me. It’s been hugely valuable. The biggest revelation is that I can provide for myself the happiness and contentment I’d hoped to draw from other people.”

Sue B