1.  Give yourself credit for everything you do. Other people may, or may not, be as appreciative as you'd like them to be. That's just the way it is. Make sure you give yourself a pat on the back for everything you've done.
  2.  Make sure you have some time for yourself. Christmas is a great time for indulging in your usual trick of putting yourself on the back burner. Well, don't! Be sure to set aside even 10 minutes a day to spend in some way that you like to spend time. You could just lock the bathroom door, and spend some quality time with the bubble-bath. Whatever works for you.
  3.  Stop trying to be Superwoman. Last thing I heard, Superwoman's job is not up for grabs. So, how about you accept being you, instead of trying to rescue and perfect everybody else' Christmas world.
  4.  Make a point of registering every last bit of appreciation you get. It's easy to be too focused on what you have to do next, to be mindful of the positive feedback that comes your way. Appreciation is one of the gifts that you deserve not just at Christmas, but every day. At least over the Christmas period, make sure you enjoy that gift.
  5.  Laugh. Superwoman never has time for a good giggle. She's too busy saving the world. She's been missing out. Don't you do that. Be sure to look for the fun and laughter in every moment. It will even increase your stamina.
  6.  Make lists. Then cross off several of the things on the list, right away. If you're a people-pleaser, you're always trying to do way too much. Look at that list, ask yourself which things on it people won't even notice, and then cross them off, right now.  You’ll still have more than enough to do.
  7.  Add three new phrases to your vocabulary: “Could you help me with that, please?” “Could you do that for me?”, and “Would you like to do X to help, or Y?” You might be amazed at the difference it makes.
  8. Do NOT even think of getting stressed until you have asked yourself this question: “6 months from now, will it even matter?”  If it won’t, then it’s clearly not important enough to worry about now. 
  9. Don’t take it personally.  Mishaps happen.  People throw hissy fits, or go into Drama Queen mode – because that’s what they do.  You didn’t make them, and it’s not your fault.  Don’t make it about you.  Not even if they tell you it’s about you.  It’s still their reaction to a situation.   
  10. Set a time limit on any bad feelings that may come up.  Spoil them: give them your full, undivided attention for 10 minutes.  Then tell them: “On your bike!”  We’re not talking metaphorically, here.  Really visualize those nasty little critters, and then see yourself saying to them just that: “On your bike!”  Watch them as they struggle onto their bikes, and wobble off into the distance.  You are now free to enjoy the rest of your day.




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  1. Anke Moinian
    Anke Moinian says:

    Hello Annie,

    my name is Anke and I live in New York. I am originally from Germany.
    I have been receiving your mailings for a while and some of your comments
    very often make me smile. It seems as if you know me personally…know my deepest doubts…Thank you for sharing and thank you for making me realize that I am not alone with my struggles and giving me the tools and awareness to live a better life.

    Sending you my warmest wishes to you and your family.
    Wishing you a Healthy and Happy New Year 2014!


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